Top Tamil Actors in Twitter

Top Tamil Actors in Twitter

Most people rejoice and love to connect with their favourite celebrities on Twitter. And this is no exception for the Tamil people. It is a well known fact that Twitter gained its popularity by the numerous amount of celebrities around the world, which made their fans to know about what they are eating, where they are partying out, what do they like, etc… Here in this post, we will see the top Tamil actors who are on Twitter.

This list is informally arranged accordingly with certain simple rules like, being a prominent actor in Tamil film industry, by the number of followers he has, etc… This below list do not encourage you to scale.

1. Siddharth (@Actor_Siddharth)

This well known chocolate boy of Tamil and Telugu industry started his film career as an assistant director of Mani Ratnam and made his acting debut in Boys. He is the only actor in this list who has crossed half-a-million twitter followers with 559,205 in number. Maybe because of presence in both the film industry and also he is on twitter for a very long time.

2. R.Madhavan (@ActorMadhavan)

Are there many girls on twitter? Well, here is another chocolate boy of Tamil film industry. He is just short of 10,000 for half-a-million followers(489,635 actually). He do have a large fan base throughout India, now doing more films in Hindi.

3. Dhanush (@dhanushkraja)

The kolaveri guy, who made the world dance with his voice in ‘Why this Kolaveri di?’ song a year ago is on third. He is nearing his 300 thousand followers in Twitter (272,746). This prominent Tamil actor will now make his Hindi debut in 2013 with Raanjhnaa. And don’t forget that he is one of the only two actors with National award in acting in the list.

4. Prakash Raj (@prakashraaj)

Another National awarded actor in the list, who is an actor, producer and now a director too. He is well known for his villain roles and great acting skills throughout South India. Competing with youngsters on twitter, he now has 200 thousand followers(217,774).

5. Surya (@actorsurya)

The first actor with six-pack in the industry is fifth on the list. This Singham is occasionally consistent with his twitter account. He has around 150 thousand followers(158,284).

6. Jiiva (@Actorjiiva)

Jiiva, son of a prominent film producer R.B.Choudry, who made his debut with Aasai Aasaiyai, is sixth in the list. He is known for his fun loving and varied style of acting in many different films. Now he is one of the leading actors in the Tamil film industry. He has 130 thousand followers (138,428) on twitter.

7. Jayam Ravi (@actor_jayamravi)

Another son of famous Telugu producer Mohan, who started his career with the film Jayam is seventh on the list. He is a romantic and an action hero in the Tamil industry. He recently joined the six pack club with in his film Aadhi Bhagavan. He is about to reach his 100 thousand followers (93,655).

8. Silambarasan (@iam_STR)

The Young Superstar of Tamil Cinema who is been acting from his childhood is eighth in the list. An energetic dancer, playback singer, actor and also a director is no doubt, multi-talented in his profession. He now has 70 thousand followers(78,492) on twitter.

9. Premji Amaren (@Premjiamaren)

Enna Kodumai Saravanan idhu? Yes, he is at number nine. Can definetly say, he is the most consistent twitter handler in the list who never ends a single day without a tweet. He is an actor, music composer and the boy next door comedian of Tamil cinema. He now has 70 thousand followers(77,577) on twitter.

10. Nani (@NameisNani)

A prominent Telugu actor, who made his debut in Tamil in the film Veppam, has many young fan base in Tamil too. Hope he does more Tamil films in future. This Naan E star has about 40 thousand followers(44,701) on twitter.

Who are your top actors in twitter? Show your votes on comments below.


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