New Google Plus communities to join


This month Google Plus introduced communities, to connect with your similar like minded persons around the globe. While Google Plus failed to connect and engage people more effectively like facebook, Google Plus Communities are impressively active in many cases.

Note that there are also many active facebook groups around the globe, which also connects these like minded people. Will Google Plus Communities engage more effectively than facebook groups? Well, its too early to decide.

But here in this post, let us try to explore some of the popular engaging Google Plus Communities in different fields,


  1. Crafts
  2. Design For The Modern World
  3. Street Art from the world
  4. ARTlandea
  5. deviantART Community
  6. The Filmmaking Community
  7. Quotes Everlasting
  8. Idea to Image


  1. The Audi Community
  2. Ford Photo Community
  3. Talk Wheels


  1. UI Design
  2. Geeks
  3. Javascript
  4. Makers, hackers, artists & engineers
  5. Indie Game Developers
  6. Android Development
  7. Hacker News
  8. Google+ Developers
  9. Photoshop and Lightroom Users


  1. Movies
  2. The Go-To Parents Community
  3. In the Kitchen
  4. Fashion Radar
  5. Architecture
  6. 1800’s Architectures
  7. Health and Happiness
  8. Running


  1. Independent Music
  2. Classical Music Enthusiasts
  3. Rap Hip-Hop


  1. The Photo Community
  2. Creative Portraiture
  3. Photography: Behind the scenes
  4. Android Photography
  5. Black and White Photography
  6. HRD Photography
  7. Landscape Photography
  8. Night Photography
  9. Architecture Photography
  10. Light Box
  11. Black and White Photography Community
  12. Street Photographers
  13. Photo Tips
  14. Black and White Fine Art Photography
  15. Stuck In Customs
  16. New York City Photography
  17. Death Valley Photography
  18. Travel Photography
  19. Google+ Photographers
  20. Model Photographers
  21. Photography with a difference
  22. The World of Photography
  23. Architecture & Architectural Photography
  24. Architectural Fine Art Photography
  25. Colorado Photography
  26. Long Exposure Photography

Readers and Writers

  1. Writer’s Discussion Group
  2. Indie Readers & Writers
  3. Comic Book Community


  1. STEM on Google+
  2. Space
  3. Explorations
  4. Advances in Medicine and Biology
  5. Open Science
  6. Science on G+


  1. Sports Talk
  2. Formula 1
  3. Skiing & snow sports


  1. Building a company


  1. Ubuntu
  2. Linux
  3. Tech and Coffee
  4. Hangouts on Air
  5. Android
  6. Google Plus Updates
  7. Tech, Security & Social Networks
  8. CyanogenMod
  9. Social Media Strategies

Well if you’re not a photographer, then don’t be jealous of them for having so many communities. Search for your favourite community or create your own community and make your friends to join.

I use facebook groups often, but I see a lot potential for Google Plus Communities to takeoff in high passion with its features that doesn’t available in facebook groups.



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