Chennai’s Mooremarket facebook group


Are you in Chennai? Do you want to sell your used products without moving your feet? If your answer was YES, then all you need to have is just a facebook account. Wonder how? Just join Chennai’s most active facebook group mooremarket. Let us see below how to make this group useful to us.

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What is mooremarket?

Well, mooremarket was a commercial building to buy products like antiques, books, art products and pets from hawkers. Due to an unfortunate fire accident in that building in 1985, that building was demolished. Now the hawkers moved to ‘Lily Pond Complex’ which was built near the mooremarket. Even now people go there calling that place as mooremarket, where they can sell their used products to the hawkers or vice-versa. In May 2012, that idea went digital by a facebook group mooremarket, which now has more than 55 hundred members.

Well, now let me brief what can we do in this group,

Join Group


Visit mooremarket facebook group, and click ‘Join Group’. Since this is a closed group, you must wait for approval from any of the five admins who are the primary managers of this group.

Learn the rules


After approval from the admin, learn what you can do, what you shouldn’t do and how to sell or buy products by clicking the ‘About’ section in the group. Follow these steps for the best utilization of the group.

Adjust notifications


Many products in this group are sold by a first-come first-serve basis. So, there is a high probability of missing your favourite product if you don’t subscribe to All posts on ‘Notifications’. You will receive new notification whenever someone posts something in this group. And be quick in bidding product before other member does.

You can also choose Friends’ posts in the ‘Notifications’ tab, if you want to receive only posts from your friends or choose Off to not receive any notifications.

Search your product


Not every product in this group sell. Even some product may go unnoticed. So, if you are in need of any product, first try the search(located at the top-right corner). If your product is available without any buyer, contact the seller. Or if your product doesn’t available ask the members of this group by posting your product information.

Recently, the group creator registered a website, which redirects the link to this group.

Happy mooremarketing!


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